Products for inline mixing processes


Low viscosity fluids
1cP to 1,000cP typical

Medium viscosity fluids
1,000cP to 100,000cP typical

High viscosity fluids
100,000cP or higher

EMT Extruder Mixer - Twin Screw

A low-cost alternative to conventional twin screw extruders used for powder inclusion, paste development and high pressure feeding, the EFT uses hygienic, self-wiping, closely-intermeshing, co-rotating screw (COSC) design with optional pressurisation stages for:

  • A wide range of applications for powder addition combined with blending and pumping of viscous fluids
  • Hygienic applications requiring simple, cleanable geometries with proven hygienic designs
  • Shear-sensitive blending of delicate materials
  • Addition of difficult, sticky or swelling powders that require self-wiping blending surfaces to avoid clogging

EPS Extruder Pump - Single Screw

A carefully-designed single screw extruder with spiral undercut features in the barrel provides positive feeding action and very high pressure capability for:

  • Feeding high viscosity pastes into downstream process equipment at high pressure (e.g. for intensive mixing stages or for filling equipment)
  • Extrusion of viscous and visco-elastic materials through dies, pelletizers, etc.

DCL Inline Low Shear Blender/Mixer

Using the principle of inter-cavity transfer to create an intensive blending action with extremely low shear and pressure drop, the DCL is ideal for::

  • Effective blending of shear-sensitive liquids with widely-differing viscosities
  • Blending of shear-sensitive solids into viscous liquids
  • Reacting liquid components with viscous fluids
  • Texturing and de-nerving high viscosity fluids and polymers

DCM Inline High Shear Mixer

A robust, general purpose shearing mixer that uses hydraulic action to deliver 20% higher performance than conventional high shear mixers for:

  • Fast blending and powder dispersions
  • Emulsification and intensive blending at micron scales
  • Wide range of models for flowrates from lab-scale to 200 tonnes/hour
  • Inline reaction of multiple input streams
  • Easy integration into existing processes and plant

DCH Inline Super Speed Shear Mixer

A high performance variant of the DC mixer range running at speeds of up to 60,000 rpm to deliver sub-micron dispersing, deagglomeration and emulsification:

  • Very fine powder dispersion and deagglomeration
  • Emulsification, reacting and intensive blending at sub-micron scales
  • Jacket option for product cooling
  • High speed machine tool spindle drives for precision and reliability

UML Ultra Mixer - Low Speed

Combining the actions of inter-cavity transfer, extrusion and extensional stressing through internal nozzle stages, the UML provides adjustable, highly intensive stressing of viscous materials for:

  • Effective dispersion of solids into highly viscous fluids
  • Multi-stage compounding and reacting of polymers and similar fluids
  • Texturing, structuring and conditioning of viscous fluids

UMH Ultra Mixer - High Speed

Extremely intensive rotational shear and extensional stress at very high rotational speeds in low to medium viscosity fluids for:

  • Micro- and nano-particle dispersion
  • Sub-micron emulsification
  • High energy blending of multiple input streams
  • Dilution of concentrates at high flowrates