Consulting and co-development

FEED for major projects

Process co-development


Licensing and collaboration agreements

Partnering in R&D projects

For large and innovative projects involving mixing, pumping and dosing systems, Maelstrom provides technical consulting and design services on a fixed-price basis or hourly rate.  Front-end engineering design (FEED) and the construction of basic engineering packages for major projects is offered to end-customers and EPC companies and Maelstrom has an excellent track record in meeting the strictest budget and timescale requirements.  Hardware is typically developed in SolidWorksTM.

Maelstrom has a long history of partnership and collaboration with some of the world's largest process companies.  We believe that collaboration and co-development is the only way to solve some of the most challenging processing problems and Maelstrom's position in the high performance mixing space makes it an ideal partner in finding solutions.

Whether it is involvement as an R&D partner in a funded research project or as a close collaborator and co-patentor of new process technologies, we are always keen to explore new opportunities.