Mixing technology map

Dispersive Action
Reduces particle and droplet sizes in a mixture. Primarily a function of mixing energy input.
Distributive Action
Creates blending uniformity in a mixture. Primarily a function of mixer geometry.

Fluid Division Mixing (FDM)

Depending on its configuration, FDM can be used in both high shear and ultra-low shear applications. Using the principle of hydraulic shear for high shear applications, FDM machines offer improved performance over conventional high shear mixers in both batch and inline forms. In low-shear mode, FDM uses an inter-cavity transfer mechanism to provide an effective but gentle blending action for shear-sensitive materials.

Integral Pump Mixing (IPM)

A highly tuneable and scalable technology patented by Maelstrom APT and suited to a very wide fluid viscosity range.  With its integrated positive displacement pumping and nozzle homogenisation actions, IPM offers very high energy transfer for exceptional dispersive performance.  IPM is available in batch and continuous forms.

Controllable Deformation Dynamic Mixing (CDDM)

For the ultimate in dispersive and distributive performance, CDDM combines multi-nozzle homogenisation with inter-cavity transfer principles to create an exceptionally high performance inline mixer. Licensed from one of the world’s leading process companies, this technology is ideally suited to emulsification, reaction chemistry and dilution applications.