ICV40 Laboratory Inline Mixer





When rotor-stator high shear mixers cannot deliver the performance needed and a high pressure homogeniser is beyond the budget, an ICV40 inline mixer may be the ideal answer.

A benchtop machine based on Maelstrom’s unique IPM® technology, the ICV40 provides shear, extensional and impact stressing to fluids for efficient mixing energy transfer. This gives finer droplets and particles with the narrow dispersion range normally associated with high pressure homogenisers. Typical droplet sizes down to 1-2 microns are achievable in oil/water systems without emulsifying agents.

High performance in a laboratory homogeniser usually means compromised flexibility, cleanability and ease of use. An ICV machine, in contrast, can be used just like a positive displacement vane pump, providing pressures of up to 5 bar at the outlet and strong suction at the inlet. Modular design and the ability to deal with soft solids as well as emulsions, make ICV machines the idea lab partner.

Special versions of ICV are available for use in hygienic and hazardous area applications. Please consult Maelstrom for specific information on these options.

ICV40 product data sheet

ICV40 drawing