IBV60 to IBV100 Production Batch Mixers





The IBV range of production IPM batch mixers provides multi-nozzle homogenisation of fluids directly in the vessel. Delivering dispersion and shearing performance between that of high pressure homogenisers and rotor-stator high shear mixers, IBV machines offer a unique combination of performance and flexibility at a very competitive price.

Improved emulsion stability, shelf-life and texture results from reducing the droplet size of the dispersed phase. IBV mixers can be used to achieve droplet sizes down to

1 micron in typical oil/water systems with a very narrow range of sizes across the sample, compared to the typical 3-5 micron range for a rotor-stator mixer.

IPM technology is based on an arrangement of multiple nozzles combined with a vane pumping effect that enables mixers to develop high levels of extensional fluid stress as fluid is pressurised through the nozzles. This stress breaks up droplets in a similar way to high pressure homogenisers which is why IBV mixers are so effective, even without the expensive high pressure pumps that are the key feature of the traditional inline homogeniser. The self-pumping nature of the mixing head is also what makes it suitable for use as a batch machine, meaning that all of the homogenisation benefits are available in batch processes.

IBV60-100 product data sheet

IBV60-100 outline drawings

IBV60-100 mounting drawings