DCL100 to DCL350 Production Inline Mixers

Delicate blending

Shear-sensitive mixing





For controlled inline mixing and blending of shear-sensitive ingredients, the DCL range of FDM mixers provides the answer.

Using the unique FDM cavity geometry incorporating inter-cavity transfer principles, DCL machines deliver a gentle cutting and folding action to high viscosity fluids in the laminar flow regime. For many high viscosity applications, difficult batch mixing processes can be replaced by a DCL machine operating downstream of a pump or extruder. Low viscosity ingredients can be dosed directly into the mixing head at multiple points using injectors, making the DCL ideal for adding colours, treatment agents and other additives to a high viscosity stream.

Rugged design, very low pressure drop and a wide range of options make DCL machines easy to partner with existing equipment and easy to tailor for a specific application. The mixing head is also very cleanable – an important consideration if jacketed heating options are chosen and bake-on is a possibility or if adhesives are being processed.

Special options for hygiene and CIP operation are available for food and pharmaceutical applications and flameproof versions can be provided for hazardous areas.

DCL100-350 product data sheet

DCL100-200 drawings (larger machines are custom-designed)