DC75 to DC200 Production Inline Mixers



Rapid blending





High shear mixing performance combined with robust design and high quality components make the DC range of inline production machines an excellent choice for many processes.

The DC range features FDM high shear technology which uses inter-cavity transfer and hydraulic shear to deliver up to five times the mixing energy of conventional high shear mixers. This translates into faster throughputs and better, finer dispersions and emulsions with particle and droplet sizes typically in the 2 to 5 micron range.

A wide range of mixing head and flange fitting options mean that the DC range can be easily included in most existing processes, much like a simple centrifugal pump. Special options for hygienic and CIP operation are available for food and pharmaceutical applications and flameproof versions can be provided for hazardous areas. A choice of single or double mechanical seals in various materials is offered to compliment specific applications.

Whether you are replacing an existing high shear mixer or moving from batch to inline processing for the first time, the DC range should be your first port of call for simple operation and robust, reliable performance.

DC75-200 product data sheet

DC75-200 drawings