DB75 to DB200 Production Batch Mixers



Rapid blending




Powder addition

High quality dispersions and emulsions are at the heart of most fluid production processes. Maelstrom’s DB range of production high shear mixers offers the benefits of patented Fluid Division Mixing (FDM) technology in a cost-effective, flexible format. With standardised hoist, bridge and vessel mountings and a wide range of options for abrasive, flameproof and hygienic applications, the DB range really is the all-round performer in high shear mixing.

The unique FDM high shear action uses the principles of inter-cavity transfer and hydraulic shear to deliver high levels of mixing energy to the fluid. Using its centrifugal self-pumping action, fluid is drawn into mixing head and subjected to strong cavity vortex actions which shear the fluid against itself. In contrast to conventional rotor-stator mixers, all of the material passing through the head experiences the same mixing actions. This reduces the number of passes needed and therefore the mixing time.

DB75-200 product data sheet

DB75-200 outline drawings

DB75-200 mounting drawings