Ultra Mixing & Processing Facility (UMPF) at the University of Liverpool

Based in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Liverpool, the UMPF is a government-backed open access mixing facility that houses the world’s most advanced industrial mixer.  Based on CDDM technology, the mixer can take up to 5 input streams and subject them to pressures of up to 5000 bar through a rotor-stator, multi-nozzle homogenisation stage rotating at up to 50,000 rpm.  Processing temperatures to 200°C and the ability to handle flammabe solvents widen the range of applications for this system, which is aimed at industrial companies looking to invesigate the physical effects of mixing at nano scales and unders extreme processing conditions.  The UMPF system can be hired (with operating staff) on a contract basis.  Maelstrom completed the two-year design and build of the UMPF system in 2008.


A UK government-sponsored agency of the Micro & Nano technology (MNT) framework responsible for forming industrial allinaces to accelerate the development of nanotechnology in the UK.  Maelstrom is a “provider” partner within the NanoCentral® alliance.

Watson Brown HSM Ltd.

A sister company to Maelstrom in the TecExec Group developing and supplying mixing machinery incorporating unique mechanical technology to devulcanise waste rubber for recycling and re-use.


North American Mixing Forum (NAMF)

A technical forum for mixing experts from industry and academia.  Affiliated to the AIChE, this forum contains news and views on the latest developments in mixing technology, conferences, exhibitions etc.

Northwestern University, Minnesota

Prof. J.M. Ottino’s mixing group, researching chaos theory and its application to fluid dynamics in mixing.

Karlsruhe Institute for Technology – Institute of Food Process Engineering

Originally Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Schubert’s faculty, now headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heike P. Schuchmann performing world-class research work into high performance liquid-liquid and solid-liquid mixing for the food industry.  Special interests include emulsification and homogenisation using high pressure nozzles.  This site is basic and it is partly in German, but it gives an excellent overview of publications produced by the Institute for further reading.

André Bakker – The Colorful Fluid Mixing Gallery

Formerly of Chemineer Inc. and now with Ansys Fluent Inc. in the US, André Bakker has compiled a large number of interesting computer-based fluid mixing simulations and models over the years from his interest in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).  His website contains some very nice graphics and downloadable video of models for non-commercial use.