Nano & Custom

With its emphasis on solving challenging mixing problems, Maelstrom has developed a range of high performance nano-dispersion and nano-emulsification equipment that push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with mechanical mixing and dispersion devices.  Using combinations of crushing, grinding, ultra-high pressures, high speeds and extremely small running clearances, Maelstrom can deliver a machine tailored to your application.

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nano-processing or other custom applications.

CDDM Installation

CDDM installation at the University of Liverpool

Maelstrom can provide the design, manufacture, integration, installation, commissioning and certification of complex fluid processing systems including the necessary electrical and hydraulic controls.

The CDDM installation at the University of Liverpool’s Ultra Mixing and Processing Facility (UMPF) is an example of this integrated approach with Maelstrom as the prime contractor managing the entire system design, delivery and commissioning phases of the project within both time and budget constraints.

Other examples of Maelstrom’s custom process equipment design include specialised shear pumps for viscous materials, a shear conditioner for a polymer meltstream, a custom IPM machine for batch chocolate processing (pre-conching) and an inline dosing pump skid for the offshore drilling market.