ICV60 to ICV100 Production Inline Mixers





Bridging the gap between high shear rotor-stator mixers and high pressure nozzle homogenisers, ICV mixers provide exceptional mixing performance at a low price point.

High flow rates and efficient mixing energy transfer are key benefits of Maelstrom’s proprietary IPM® mixing technology, making ICV machines ideally suited to a wide range of emulsification and homogenisation tasks. IPM® combines shear, extensional flow and impact stress mechanisms with an integral positive displacement pumping action to ensure that all fluid passing through the mixing head experiences the same levels of stress. This results in finer droplets and particles with a narrower dispersion range normally associated with high pressure homogenisers. Typical droplet sizes down to 1-2 microns are achievable in oil/water systems without emulsifying agents.

Simple operation and integrated pumping action make ICV mixers simple to integrate into most production processes and maintenance costs are low due to the user of low-cost polymer wear parts and quick-assembly modular construction. ICV machines are offered with either single or double mechanical seals and a range of options including special hygienic design features for food and pharmaceutical use.

ICV60-100 product data sheet

ICV60-100 drawings