IBV40 Laboratory Batch Mixer





The IBV40 makes it possible to homogenise small volumes of fluids inside the vessel. In a laboratory environment, the ability to perform homogenisation and emulsification in a beaker has traditionally been the domain of rotor-stator (high shear) mixers but these cannot produce the results of nozzle homogenisation.

Using Maelstrom’s unique, patented IPM technology, the IBV40 combines internal pumping with integrated nozzles to bring new levels of batch mixing performance to the benchtop. Smaller droplet and particle sizes with narrower size ranges allow finer and more stable emulsions and dispersions to be formed directly in the vessel. The results are easily scalable too, with larger batch and inline IPM mixers able to translate laboratory processes into the factory.

IBV40 machines are supplied with a separate controller boasting infinitely variable speed, displays of both speed and load and optional outputs to datalogging software.

In terms of both performance and versatility, the IBV40 package is the ideal homogenisation partner in the laboratory.

IBV40 product data sheet

IBV40 drawing