DC50 Laboratory Inline Mixer



Rapid blending





For consistent, repeatable mixing results in the laboratory, the DC50 inline high shear mixer is hard to beat. Using high performance FDM high shear technology in a simple, convenient benchtop format, many common laboratory mixing tasks can be performed with the minimum of effort.

Whilst batch mixers are very familiar and convenient for small vessels, ensuring that all of the mixture has seen the same stress history and that the process can be reliably scaled up to production levels demands inline mixing.

Simple, quick-release pipe couplings and excellent flushing/cleaning performance are critical to ease of use in the lab. Combined with a powerful and flexible electric motor and controller and discrete fluid injection port, the DC50 offers all of these features and many more, making it simply the easiest and most flexible inline high shear mixer to use in the lab environment.

Special versions of DC50 are available for hazardous environments and dedicated hygienic food and pharmaceutical applications.

DC50 product data sheet

DC50 drawing