Since 1998, Maelstrom has been a full service supplier of industrial fluid mixing machines and associated equipment to the process industries.  Specialising in high energy mixing for difficult-to-mix materials, we have a range of novel and advanced mixing technologies at our disposal, some of which we have developed in-house and some of which are licensed from third parties.  We design all of our equipment ourselves which gives us complete control over the design process and allows us to tailor solutions for our customers easily and quickly.  Manufacturing is typically performed by our well-developed base of ISO9002 certified contractors and we take full advantage of being located in the prime aerospace, automotive and nuclear manufacturing region of the UK.

We started out by taking on fluid processing problems for certain large companies who had already tried alternative, standard approaches and had met with failure, either in product performance or cost overruns.  Working with these companies to solve their often complex problems led us to develop the Maelstrom business as an innovative mixing solutions provider and “provider of last resort”.  Quite simply, this means that we consistently aim to provide the best and most cost-effective solution to any fluid mixing problem that cannot be addressed by conventional means.

Operating from our base in Glossop within the High Peak area of Derbyshire, England, we have been servicing the UK market for advanced mixing solutions since 1998.  Our expanding client-base includes some of the world’s largest process companies, but we also work with smaller companies seeking to introduce new, disruptive products which present special processing challenges.  A good example of this is the recent development of nanotechnology, an area where we see an increasing number of our clients needing special, high-energy dispersion solutions for improved product performance.  We have developed some special-purpose dispersion technology and equipment targeted at this sector.

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