Efficient inline blending of shear-sensitive fluids

Many liquid-liquid and solid-liquid mixing applications involve materials that are delicate and can easily be damaged by shear forces. A typical traditional approach is the use of batch mixing vessels with gentle agitation over long periods to ensure good blending whilst minimizing damage. For high viscosity fluids and processes that need inline, continuous solutions, batch mixing is far from ideal. Maelstrom’s range of inline ultra-low shear FDM machines provides the answer for a wide variety of materials such as plastics, rubber, adhesives, foods and pharmaceuticals.

Based on well-proven inter-cavity transfer mixing principles but with lower cost, improved cleanability and enhanced mixing performance, the DCL range of low shear FDM machines offer extremely low pressure drops and gentle handling when delivering effective blending results. Hazardous environments, hygienic standards and diverse sealing and drive solutions are all catered for with a wide variety of options. Contact Maelstrom to request a trial.

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