A new approach to marketing Maelstrom mixers

At last!  We are pleased to announce that the long process of revising and consolidating our product range has been completed and that we can finally present it more usefully in a new brochure and website.  Thanks go to the team at Fluid Creativity in Manchester for helping with the site.

We realised some time ago that whilst we had a great range of innovative products, we were not the easiest company to buy from.  The plethora of technologies and solutions seemed baffling, even to experienced process engineers.  A complete rethink of the line-up was required together with a major innovation in our industry – online pricing of mixers.  For the first time, customers can get a quote directly from the website for the standard ranges of machines.  Of course, selection of a mixer is not simple and this is why online purchasing is probably a step too far for the time being.  However, the ability to at least get an idea of prices and the effects of certain options on the price has to make life easier for both customers and us.

We look forward to your comments on our new approach and to talking through your mixing equipment needs.  Please also let us know if you think there is anything we can do to improve.

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