Welcome to Maelstrom

If you are looking for a solution to your dispersion, emulsification or blending problem and conventional equipment is not delivering results, then we can probably help.

As providers of innovative, high performance mixing equipment since 1998, we are proud to have developed some of the most advanced intensive mixing equipment in the world. Whether you are looking for rotor-stator type high shear devices or need something beyond high pressure homogenisers and media mills, Maelstrom has something unique to offer. We specialise in providing custom mixers and complete system installations. Please take a look through our range of products and don’t hestitate to contact us for some friendly advice on finding the right solution for you.

Industrial mixers

High performance machines and systems for industrial fluid mixing are at the heart of Maelstrom’s business. Maelstrom industrial mixers and mixing systems are robust and reliable solutions that use the latest developments in mixing theory to outperform the competition. Whether you need high energy nano-dispersion, shear mixing or gentle distributive blending, Maelstrom has an answer for you. In addition to the standard range of industrial mixers we also offer custom solutions incorporating special pumping and dosing features, powder feeding, metering and control.

Industrial food mixers

If you are in the food processing industry, the chances are that you face difficult mixing problems on a daily basis. Maelstrom’s unique range of industrial food mixers with special hygienic features can vastly simplify and accelerate many food production processes. High shear mixing, homogenous blending, gentle inline mixing and the dosing of gums and starches are all within Maelstrom’s range of solutions. Operated by some of the world’s largest food manufacturers with strict hygiene and CIP requirements, Maelstrom’s industrial food mixers are proven machines that you can rely on.

High shear

Conventional “high shear” mixing technology has remained largely unchanged for the last 60 years. With a back-to-basics theoretical approach and more than 15 years of development, Maelstrom is proud to offer its innovative FDM and IPM high shear machines which turn conventional technologies on their head. With proven performance in some of the world’s largest processing companies, FDM and IPM machines are already demonstrating improved product quality, reduced particle and droplet sizes, improved reliability and easier cleaning. If they are doing this for your competitors, they can probably do the same for you. Please contact us to find out more…

High shear mixers

If you’re looking for high shear mixers that offer superior performance compared to conventional shearing mixers then Maelstrom may have the solution for you. Our high shear mixers provide many benefits including improved dispersion performance, high reliability, simplified cleaning and easier maintenance. They are priced extremely competitively too! Please take a look at our range of FDM and IPM machines to find out more.


Seeking an homogeniser which bridges the gap between rotor-stator machines and high pressure nozzle homogeniser technology for producing high quality emulsions? If so, Maelstrom’s unique and patented IPM mixer may be the solution you need. With its internal self-pumping design and multi-nozzle homogenisation effect, IPM offers exceptional performance at rotor-stator prices. Please take a look at the IPM products on our website or contact us directly to find out more. Free trials are available.


If you need to produce fine emulsions and are frustrated by the poor performance of rotor-stator machines and the high cost of nozzle homogenizers, then IPM may be the perfect solution for you. Bridging the gap in performance between these two conventional types of mixers and available at rotor-stator prices, IPM represents the latest thinking in homogenization technology. Its patented approach uses internal nozzles and self-pumping to give nozzle homogenizer effects in a cost-effective package. Why not take advantage of a free trial to find out what a Maelstrom IPM homogenizer can do for you?